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Things that the customers look for in Real Estate Agent

Answer every query
A good real estate agent should know the answers to every question of the customer. The answer should be sincere, honest and transparent. This quality will enable customers to trust the agent and his intentions.

Respond promptly
No matter what the question of the customer is or how many times he is going to ask, a good agent should always respond to it with patience, smile and the right perspective. He shouldn’t miss any calls from the customer and respond to every query positively. Frequently missing calls and not calling back is unacceptable behaviour. A good agent should be available for a meeting at all times. And punctual to every appointment. Whether you are looking for a 1 BHK, 3 BHK apartments, villas or open plots, the agent should treat you with the same seriousness with all fairness.

Subject-matter expertise
The real estate agent should know every aspect about the projects on sale. Agent who has every information on hand gives the right confidence to the customer. As far as the customer is concerned, the agent is the subject-matter expert. He will believe the agent in all aspects. Hence it becomes all the more important that the agent knows the project thoroughly.

Friend, philosopher and guide
Real estate agent is the customer’s friend, philosopher and guide as far as the information about the project and its potential is concerned. He must be able to tell about the pros and cons of every project and help in taking an informed decision. He must be transparent in his dealing with you. The intent of the real estate shouldn’t be selling property, but selling the right property.

Prioritise customer preferences
The good real estate agent must remember customer preferences well so that he brings the right choices. They should suggest and guide, but not convince customers unnecessarily, who then end up making the wrong choice and regret in future.

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