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Training programmes that Enhance Professional performance

Structured knowledge-filled modules help in systematic learning, which enhances the skills and enriches the intellectual quotient. These modules are enriched by the real-time experience of the seasoned veterans from real estate sector, under whose tutelage, the aspiring realtors rise and shine by bringing some discipline and professionalism to this unorganised sector.


Selling can be repelling if it’s not handled with care, professionalism and panacae. With the right kind of training at RRR, one can equip with the communication skills, convincing abilites and the confidence to persuade and convert potential individuals into happy customers. 

Offline marketing

Traditional marketing which is not digital falls under offline marketing. Kiosks, printed collaterals, hoardings, advertisements etc., are used to promote, persuade and convert a sale, effectively. to accomplish this one needs to have strong communication skills, perseverance and selling ability, which one can gain amply from RRR veterans, who have been selling projects even before digital marketing exists.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing or Digital Marketing is the future of any sales. One needs to understand how various platforms, including social media platform works, so at to leverage its true potential to the advantage of sales and marketing. Learn all about digital marketing at RRR from the experienced masters and use it aptly to your advantage at sales. 

Customer Pscyhology

Unless one understands his audience, it is difficult to communicate, persuade and convince. Knowing human psychology and how a customer especially thinks goes a long way to help him convince and convert. RRR experts have thoroughly understood human mind and have proven how they can effortlessly sell any project to any one. Learn from these expert minds and understand the right approach to know what customers want. 

team Management

If you have the right team then the growth is faster. And the team will be in the right path when its management is perfect. Good leadership skills, exceptional communications skills, strong sensibilities, compassion and an inspiring personality are  must to manage the team efficiently and to build a strong sales force.

Personality Development

RRR training focuses on holistic development of the trainee. Experts who have evolved through their eventful journey in the real estate segment care for their trainees and ensure that their entire personality is developed into a complete and competent individual, who is also considerate and compassionate. Regular training sessions, review sessions, public speaking opportunities, guest lectures and many more are offered to enrich the trainee experience at RRR. 

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